Entry #1

Update of "Me, Wake Up!" Games + Medals & Scoreboard

2015-08-17 16:40:22 by Squeka

It's been a while I uploaded 6 of my game "Me, Wake Up!" series in this portal. It's been two years I didn't update the game. Each time I visit this site to play games and watch movies, I sometimes remembered my games.

A month later, I decided to do some update to the game. With my programmer's help (who previously programmed "Me, Wake Up!"), NeithR, we finally managed to update all 6 games within a week. We have also added medals reward and scoreboard.

Also, there are some "Me, Wake Up!"  games I haven't uploaded yet. I will upload it soon after updating it like the previous games.


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2015-08-20 01:15:12

Congratulations on winning a Daily Award, you deserve it :)
http://squeka.newgrounds.com/games/ I hope this game comes up for the August monthly vote!

Squeka responds:

Thanks you very much especially for playing and rating! :3
This is my first time getting a trophy. :3


2015-11-07 21:19:01

I love your games, I hope you upload the Boiled Egg one soon!!


2016-04-18 23:07:47

Why isn't Me, Wake Up: Boiled Egg on Newgrounds?